Egypt: Jasmine Pyramids

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Google’ing’ Egyptian Revolution from where I currently sit, Harbin, China i get results that say, “page not found.”  But as I made my way home from a short 2 week visit in Ethiopia I was lucky to have a layover in Cairo.  My mother was working with the local CDC on microbiology techniques for rural communities in Ethiopia and my flight to Addis Ababa from Tokyo was routed through United Arab Emirates because of the uprisings in North Africa.  But on my flight back Egypt Air was running flights though Cairo and that gave me a quick opportunity to make some rounds of the city.

My arrival time in Cairo was early early morning but my flight out was not till late late night.  With a little smooth talk I managed to persuade the Egypt Air manager on duty to get me a room for the day.  He shuffled me into a crowd of others who had previously arranged for the days rest in the airport 4 star hotel.  My bags were in the room and I was off to the concierge to get a car into the city.    He was more than delighted to send me in as it was his first bit of business in weeks.  Most embassies had evacuated their staff.  I asked if there were any problems and he said, “No, the car has AC.”

Inshallah! Insha’Allah (Arabic: إن شاء الله‎, [in ʃæʔ ʔɑlˤˈlˤɑːh]) is the Arabic term for “God willing”.



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