Macro Mushrooms

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Macro Mushrooms:
Cloudy out? Rainy? Even better.  Pointing the camera up is out of the question.  When the drizzle drips its last drop break out the macro equipment and get on  your knees.  Squirming with the worms you get worm food, or in the case of a mushroom, feeding on the dead.  They say fungus is among us and it comes in some fascinating forms.  I have no degree in Mycology, but ignorance is bliss, right.  I will enjoy my fungus and I hope you enjoy my photos.  (And I know there is some Lichen in there too, so to mosses and all things soon to be peat or coal I say “WORD!”)
Symbiotic Relationships:    Sometimes fungi are helpful to live plants or animals. For example, fungi that invade algae form lichens. These are called symbiotic relationships.
Reproduction:    Fungi reproduce by forming spores and releasing them into the air.


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