Yunnan–China 云南–中国

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Yunnan (simplified Chinese: 云南; traditional Chinese: 雲南)
From the eternally spring city of Kunming you head towards the Mekong or what is called the Lancan in Chinese.  Xi Shuang Ba Na is the border area along Burma that forms the most northern part of the “golden triangle.”  What hits you in the face, literally is that hats.  Women have awesome hats that shroud their face in traditional patterns and dangling silver.  Busses are about the only way to get from one place to another covering any distance.  But when you get in the hills the trails crisscross up and down from one village to another, from one pattied terrace to another oxen plowed plot.  Banana leaf wrapped pork is BBQ for dinner in the stone houses in the hills or the stilted communities along the river banks.  The minority tribes are numerous and are easily (for them) distinguishable by their colors and patterns of dress.



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