oh so hot– hot water

absolute zero: −273 °C

Heating in Harbin is one for the ages. Despite provincial efforts to modernize the heating of Heilongjiang Provence of NE China, it really comes down to hot water. Hot water goes a long way here in china… from splashy, gurgling, foamy face wash in the morning all the way to the full washing of hair in the kitchen sink, a plastic basin of hot water boiled with an electric heat coil inserted into a thermos is right up “your” alley. Or if you have too much “wind” in your bones a nice warm foot soaking will do. But most frequent is the plain glass of hot water. A delicious glass of polluted, but boiled, glass of hot water. Let’s hope for my sake that all the hot water that I have declined for the last 5 years will go into my new radiators and keep me warm and toasty while enjoying my morning hot coffee.



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